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To meet the needs of corporate customers who need to open an escrow account to complete the business establishment documents/procedures or to maintain business throughout operation in accordance with the laws.


  • Customers: Corporate customers
  • Currency: VND.
  • Escrow duration: From the time of opening the escrow account to the time the customer is allowed to close the escrow account in accordance with the laws
  • Interest rate: According to the deposit interest rate schedule of VietABank from time to time.
  • Escrow amount: VietABank confirms the escrow amount is exactly equal to the balance on the Customer's escrow account and freeze this amount during the escrow period.

Escrow limit:

Escrow industry

The escrow amount follows current regulatory provisions

International travel businesses

Travel businesses for inbound tourists to Vietnam: VND 250,000,000

- Travel businesses for outbound tourists or inbound tourists: VND 500,000,000

Employment service businesses

Minimum escrow: VND 300,000,000

Guess worker service businesses

Escrow level of service businesses: VND 1,000,000,000

Labor sub-leasing businesses

Escrow level: VND 2,000,000,000


  • Attractive interest rate, which is added directly to the escrow amount for use.
  • Simple procedures – fast turnaround time, responsiveness to customer needs
  • Consulting and support by professionals.


  • Escrow deposit contract.
  • Deposit request form.
  • Application form for account opening and Legal documents (for businesses that do not have a current account at VietABank)

Contact: For more information about the program/product, please contact:

  • Hotline: 1900 555 590
  • Or the nearest VietABank transaction points nationwide

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