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To help businesses save time, costs and perform remote transactions with VietABank in a fast, secure and convenient manner. VietABank provides businesses with fax transaction solutions under a stringent and professional process.


  • Customers: Applied to customers who are businesses wishing to perform transactions via fax.     
  • Fax transactions provided by VietABank: Deposit account transactions, guarantee transactions, trade finance transactions, loan transactions, foreign exchange transactions.


  • Time and cost efficiency for customers.     
  • Fast, accurate and secure transactions.     
  • Bridged geographical distance between businesses and VietABank.     
  • Simultaneous performance of multiple transactions.     
  • Simple, convenient and optimal way to use the service     
  • Dedicated consulting and support by professionals.
  • Application documents
  • Fax transaction contract.     
  • Other documents as prescribed.


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