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Your business needs to make a large number of monthly and quarterly payment transactions such as salary, insurance, fees, commissions, etc. VietABank can meet all the needs listed above.


  • Customers: Businesses who need to pay salaries to employees or commissions to agents.     
  • Pay a large number of monthly and quarterly transactions such as salary, commission, etc.     


For businesses:

  • Fast, accurate, and timely payment.
  • Safety and security in payment.
  • Professional and modern business image.
  • Waiver on payroll service fee for 12 months.

For the employees/partners:

  • Waiver on account opening and card issuance fee.
  • Waiver on ATM fees of VietABank and partnered banks.
  • Withdrawal limit at VietABank ATM of up to VND 10,000,000/time
  • Waiver on first-year annual fee of cards
  • Waiver on SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking annual fees
  • Waiver on intra-bank and inter-bank funds transfer fees
  • No minimum balance required

Application documents:

  • Application form for account opening and Legal documents (for businesses that do not have a current account at VietABank)
  • Service provision contract.     
  • Payment authorization and list of salary and commission beneficiaries.     
  • Other documents as prescribed.


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