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With the desire to bring more benefits and promotions to customers, VietABank deploys a current account combo that allows customers to simultaneously choose many basic products and services related to a current account with more competitive fee.


  • Average balance of current account/month: 5,000,000 VND;

  • What is included: current account, Standard Advance Card, SMS Banking, Standard Digital Banking Combo

  • Minimum balance VND 50,000 or equivalent USD 10 (for foreign currency accounts)

  • Account management fee when not reaching average monthly balance of current account: VND 50,000/month

  • Account closing fee: VND 50,000

  • Intra-bank transfer fee via the counter in the form of cash: In accordance with current regulations

  • Inter-bank funds transfer (247 Napas and Citad) at the counter in the form of cash: In accordance with current regulations


  • Condition:

    Applicable to Vietnamese individuals and foreigner long-term residents in Vietnam with full civil competence and legal capacity.

  • Registration procedure:

    Application form for opening and using personal account

    Valid national ID card or passport

  • Forms

    For registration, please visit the nearest VietABank transaction points or call our Contact Center at: 1900 555 590 or email address: contactcenter@vietabank.com.vn


Frequently asked questions about the product

What types of payment accounts does VietABank have?

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Who are individual customers who can open a payment account?

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Can an individual authorize another person to act in the account holder's name?

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Can a customer open multiple payment accounts at VietABank?

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Does the customer get interest on the current account?

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What is the authorization principle for using a payment account?

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In which case does the authorization to use the account terminate?

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Can customers who open a payment account at this branch/transaction office amend/supplement their account opening documents at another branch/transaction office?

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Quy định về số dư tối thiểu trên tài khoản thanh toán?

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In what cases does VietABank have the right to close the customer's current account?

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