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VietABank issues L/C at the request of the businesses (importers) to commit to immediate payment or within a certain time the value of the L/C to the beneficiary when the beneficiary presents set of documents in accordance with the conditions stated in the L/C.


  • Ensure safety for both exporters and importers.
  • Help importers reduce pressure on capital.
  • Receive consulting on the best transaction contents and methods to ensure benefits.
  • Capital can be financed through reduced margin for L/C or loan.
  • Support businesses in processing documents to minimize payment risks
  • Simple and flexible procedure

Issuing an import L/C is a payment method in which VietABank acts as the issuing bank, at the request of the enterprise (importer) committing to pay a certain amount to the beneficiary (exporter) upon being presented with documents in accordance with the L/C provisions.

Included services:

  • Accept bill of exchange drawn by the beneficiary.
  • L/C payment, L/C amendment, bill of lading endorsement, shipping guarantee, etc. 


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