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Medium and long-term financing is a useful financial solution that VietABank supports your business in actively purchasing fixed assets or expanding production and business at a reasonable cost.

Product benefits:

  • Meet medium and long-term financial needs: to improve operational capacity through additional investment, replacement investment, repair, renovation and new investment.
  • Provide financing support: Create economic leverage and address the shortage of long-term capital
  • Maintain ownership of property: Compared with finance lease purchase arrangements, bank credit has the advantages of maintaining customers’ ownership of property during the loan tenor.
  • The grace period may be considered by VietAbank in accordance with the plan of new purchase and investment.     
  • Quick turnaround time     
  • Free consulting and support by professionals.


  • Customers: Businesses wishing to purchase fixed assets and invest in project expansion, etc.     
  • Loan currency: VND/USD     
  • Borrowing method: medium-term     
  • Principal repayment method: monthly or quarterly.     
  • Interest repayment method: monthly or quarterly on diminishing balance     
  • Tenor: according to the needs of the business and in accordance with the cash flows to repay the debt.

Contact: For more information about the program/product, please contact:

Hotline: 1900 555 590 Or the nearest VietABank transaction points nationwide

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