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VietABank Mobile Banking is VietABank's Digital Banking application on mobile phones, allowing customers to perform most financial transactions and daily payments with simple operations, anytime, anywhere. The system is regularly upgraded to bring the best experience and convenience to customers.

Product features

Account information management:
  • Check account balances, transaction history, etc.
  • Check card information, card statements, etc.
  • Search information about fee schedule, interest rate, exchange rate without logging into the application.
  • Search the network (ATM, Transaction Office) on the map.
Funds transfer service
  • Intra-bank transfer within VietABank;
  • 24/7 Instant Interbank Funds Transfer via card number and account number;
  • Inter-bank funds transfer to all banks in the country.
Online savings         
  • Open/Close savings account online.
  • Send online term deposit information by email
  • Automatic rollover savings account online at maturity.
  • Information security & safety anytime, anywhere.
  • Preferential and attractive interest rates.
Payment & top-up service
  • Pay bills for essential services: Utilities, television, Internet, telephone, air tickets, train tickets, etc.
  • Mobile top-up, scratch cards, TV renewal, game cards, etc.
  • Sign up for automatic monthly payment of service bills.
  • Payment of insurance premium, financial loans, credit cards, etc.

Register and use the service

  • Register at the nearest VietABank transaction points.

The nearest VietABank transaction points
  • Registration documents: Valid ID card/passport/citizen card

  • User guide

User guide
  • - Download and install the application: Customers access Google Play (for Android devices) or App Store (for iOS devices), search for keywords: “VietABank Mobile Banking”. Hotline: 1900 555 590

  • VietABank's Mobile Banking application provide support for using the following devices: iPhone running iOS 6.0 and newer; Android running iOS 4.0 and newer

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