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Odd day tenor deposit is a form of term deposit for institutional customers, whereby the customer can choose any deposit term, expressed in days, in accordance with the capital use plan to maximize profitability from idle cash in a certain period.


  • Customers: Corporate customers
  • Deposit currency: VND
  • Minimum amount: VND 500,000,000
  • Minimum term: 31 days, maximum term: 455 days
  • Interest rate: Permanent
  • Interest payment method: at maturity date


  • Diverse daily maturities and attractive interest rates
  • Used as collateral for loans at VietABank
  • Dedicated consulting and support by professionals.

Application documents

  • Term deposit contract.    
  • Legal documents (for businesses that do not have a current account at VietABank)

Contact: For more information about the program/product, please contact:

  • Hotline: 1900 555 590
  • Or the nearest VietABank transaction points nationwide

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