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VietABank cooperates with Hung Vuong Insurance Joint Stock Company (BHV) to offer health and casualty insurance products with comprehensive coverage, affordable premium, fast and professional claim procedures. VietABank and BHV will make every efforts to protect and take care of your health, reduce financial burdens, and provide the best healthcare services for you and your family members at leading hospitals.

- The insured: Vietnamese citizens and foreigners living in Vietnam, aged from 18 months to 65 years old

- Compensation service: Within maximum of 15 days from the date of receiving complete and valid claim documents

- Insurance coverage:

  • Casualty insurance: Insurance for the risks of death/permanent disability, medical expenses due to accidents.
  • Health insurance: Insurance for death/permanent disability, medical expenses due to illness or disease.
  • Additional benefits: maternity and childbirth, outpatient treatment, etc.

- Highlight features:

  • Fully protected
  • Reasonable and preferential premiums
  • Flexible, suitable for all participants
  • 24/7 claim settlement support
  • Quick and simple claim procedure

- Contact: Interested customers are kindly requested to contact the nearest VietABank transaction points or call our Contact Center at: 1900.555.5907


Frequently asked questions about the product

I saw an advertisement that VIETABANK offers health insurance to customers, is this information correct?

Reply :

That information is absolutely correct. Customers who are non-professional investors, buying Bonds distributed by VIETABANK will be given 01 Health & Accident Insurance Package (1 year - Silver class) of Hung Vuong Insurance Company.


What non-life insurance products does VIETABANK currently provide?

Reply :

VIETABANK cooperates with strategic partner Hung Vuong Insurance to provide a full range of non-life insurance products and services such as: Personal insurance, Motor vehicle insurance, Construction insurance, Insurance insurance. Property, Liability insurance, Cargo insurance, etc.


I am a manual worker, often facing the risk of accidents, low income, and uncertainty. Can I join any insurance at VIETABANK?

Reply :

VIETABANK provides 24/24 Accident Insurance of Hung Vuong Insurance Company with a variety of insurance package options. The annual premium amount is only from 50,000 VND to 450,000 VND.


Does VIETBANK distribute motor vehicle insurance for cargo vehicles?

Reply :


VIETABANK distributes a full range of compulsory insurance and voluntary insurance for motor vehicles. For motor vehicle material voluntary insurance, the following types/types of automobiles can be insured, including: cargo vehicles (trailers, trucks, tractors), passenger vehicles. (non-commercial vehicles, buses, pickup trucks), and some other vehicles.


Buying health insurance that VIETABANK distributes has benefits for outpatient treatment?

Reply :


VIETABANK distributes Health Insurance of Hung Vuong Insurance Company with the main benefits being accident insurance and inpatient treatment benefits, and customers can choose additional benefits such as outpatient treatment benefits. residency, maternity and childbirth benefits, death/permanent disability insurance benefits due to illness, maternity.


I mortgage the property that is the house I live in to borrow money at VIETABANK. If I have an accident and cannot continue to repay the bank loan, the bank will handle the collateral for the loan and my family will no longer have a place to live. VIETABANK has a way to solve this worry for me?

Reply :

Life is difficult to avoid unpredictable events, but borrowers can feel secure when participating in Credit Security insurance at VIETABANK. If unfortunately, the customer's family loses a breadwinner, the burden of repaying the bank's debt will shift to the insurance company.

When participating in Credit Security, Hung Vuong Insurance Company will pay for the entire loan on behalf of the customer and family at VIETABANK if an accident happens to the borrower (including: death, total disability, etc.) permanent disability due to accident, total and permanent disability due to illness, disease, maternity)


I just bought 01 luxury apartment, we want to get insurance for this apartment, can VIETABANK help?

Reply :

VIETABANK can completely support the provision of fire and explosion insurance products for your apartment.

VIETABANK not only provides insurance products for apartments, but also covers all types of private townhouses, giving you peace of mind against all risks of fire, explosion, natural disasters, storms, floods, earthquakes. …or sudden collisions and collapses by vehicles and animals.


Does the international travel insurance product (BON VOYAGE) have high insurance benefits? Can I buy short-term according to travel time needs?

Reply :

+ Insurance benefits of BON VOYAGE product line are protected up to 2 billion VND, insurance products for both winter sports, rafting, bungee jumping and other water sports will help you feel free to play according to your interests without having to worry about medical care services abroad. In addition, this product package also has additional support services such as: helping with legal issues, redoing lost travel documents… always available 24/7 so that you don't miss any any journey on the road of international emotional experience!

+ Customers completely have the right to choose the right time according to their itinerary and the family is flexible from 01 day to 180 days according to the needs of the family.

In addition, the product also offers completely free insurance for children if both parents are named on 01 international travel insurance policy (BON VOYAGE).


My family needs to travel and study abroad, does VIETABANK provide any suitable insurance products?

Reply :

Currently, VIETABANK has cooperated with domestic insurance partners (Hung Vuong Insurance, MIC Military Insurance) and international (PACIFIC CROSS) to provide a full range of international travel insurance services (BON VOYAGE), Universal health insurance (All America Plan) will give you peace of mind on all business and leisure journeys around the world!


Does the procedure to buy non-life insurance of Hung Vuong Insurance at VIETABANK take time?

Reply :

From October 2020, VietABank cooperated with Hung Vuong Insurance Company to deploy the LIMI-BANCAS insurance policy management system, allowing digitization and quick online issuance of insurance contracts after just a few steps.

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