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VietABank's L/C/export collection products are intended to support businesses to pay input costs and prepare for export as soon as the import partner opens the L/C/sets of documents.


  • To be considered for using goods and the right to receivables from the export contracts as collaterals.
  • You can borrow in the form of a credit line or one-time loan
  • Financing facility: tailored to the specifics of each business.
  • Preferential and competitive interest rates
  • Simple and accelerated procedures
  • Dedicated consulting and support by professionals.


  • Customers: Corporate customers engaged in export contracts by method of L/C or collection.
  • Loan currency: VND/foreign currencies.
  • Borrowing method: One-time loan/Credit line.
  • Repayment method: Interest is paid monthly; principal is paid at maturity or when the funds arrive.
  • Tenor: Flexibility by cash flow and each form of financing.
  • LTV ratio: up to 100% on L/C value/export document value

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