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Loans secured by financial instruments: Meet customers' financing needs when financial instruments are not yet mature


  • Lending ratio: Up to 100% of financial instruments’ value

  • Tenor: Flexible according to customers’ needs

  • Collateral: Financial instruments issued by VietABank

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Frequently asked questions about the product

Is it possible to use someone else's property as a pledge/mortgage?

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I bought a house and wanted to get a loan at VAB to pay the seller and mortgage it with this house, but the seller required to pay in full before I could transfer the title to me, so the In this case, will VAB disburse to prepay the seller and then transfer the title of the certificate of ownership?

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Is the loan procedure at VAB complicated or not?

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My child goes to study/medical treatment (domestic and overseas), does VAB provide a loan to pay tuition/medical treatment?

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Projects that have signed association with VAB but do not have a certificate of ownership or use for the apartment I buy, can they borrow capital and mortgage with that property?

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I have a need for a home loan, but now I have paid off all the sellers. From the date of payment to the seller to the date I asked VAB for a loan, it has been 3 months, the certificate has been transferred to me for 1 month. So in this case, will VAB lend me a loan for the purpose of buying that house?

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I have a loan at VAB, when I sell the mortgaged property to the buyer, the buyer needs to borrow at VAB, can I transfer my loan to the buyer in the name of the buyer?

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How old can I get a loan at VietABank?

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Can I go to any VAB location to get a loan?

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Can customers with a foreign spouse get a loan at VietABank?

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