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VietABank's Internet Banking is developed by a team of experts and engineers with many years of experience in the field of digital banking. The app allows customers to transact conveniently, quickly and securely using a computer or Internet-connected device to search account information, transfer funds, top up and many other benefits.

Product features

Account information management:
  • Check account balances, transaction history, etc.
  • Check card information, card statements, etc.
  • Manage transaction information, spending, visualize monthly balance changes on charts.
  • Manage account templates and list of beneficiary accounts.
Funds transfer service
  • Intra-bank transfer within VietABank;
  • 24/7 Instant Interbank Funds Transfer via card number and account number;
  • Inter-bank funds transfer to all banks in the country;
  • Batch funds transfer to multiple accounts in the list.
  • Set a recurring transfer schedule.
Online savings         
  • Open/Close savings account online.
  • Send term deposit information by email
  • Automatic rollover savings account online at maturity.
  • Information security & safety anytime, anywhere.
  • Preferential and attractive interest rates.
Payment & top-up service
  • Pay bills for essential services: Utilities, television, Internet, telephone, air tickets, train tickets, etc.
  • Mobile top-up, scratch cards, TV renewal, game cards, etc.
  • Sign up for automatic monthly payment of service bills.
  • Payment of insurance premium, financial loans, credit cards, etc.

Register and use the service

  • Register at the nearest VietABank transaction points. Hotline: 1900 555 590

  • Registration documents: Valid ID card/passport/citizen card

  • Instructions for using Internet Banking

  • List of payment service providers

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